Brother Love Kain - s/t (CD) (5948064202905)

Brother Love Kain - s/t (CD)


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After the four-track demo "In The End Everything Starts To Begin", Brother Love Kain now present their first full album. And that's what it's all about: The eleven regular songs plus the two bonus pieces convince with their balanced mixture of melancholy and aggression.
Brother Love Kain can both rage wildly and fall into tons of depression without becoming unbelievable. This is not only due to the palpable honesty with which the four present their songs, but also to the broad stylistic framework of the Germans.

01 In the end everything starts to begin
02 Never aimed at the target
03 purges
04 The man
05 Cain
06 Trace the twine
07 The gentleman wears black
08 Do not disturb
09 Mr Fine
10 Undone
11 Abel
12 In da laundry (WA 535 CE)
13 Drink the wine