Brother Love Kain - Bruder Liebe Kain (CD) (5871688974489)

Brother Love Kain - Brother Love Kain (CD)


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The music of Brother Love Kain from Osnabrück cannot be described coherently enough with common terms like doom or death metal. The musical roots of the band undoubtedly lie in hard metal.
Their songs are hard and the mood is bad, but well thought-out song structures combine heavy guitar riffs with catchy melody parts that often have catchy tunes.
With "Bruder Liebe Kain" Brother Love Kain are now presenting their second album. The EP illustrates a development process of the band that is not only noticeable musically. Lyrically, a change to the German language has taken place, which was already indicated on the previous album with three German pieces.
The lyrics reflect the somber mood of the music without using clumsy clichés. Brother Love Kain cover a wide range of heavy music, but always show their own style.

01 sin dicat
02 The lie Hope
03 The army wears black
04 Silent Hans
05 Never Beautiful
06 gold