Bucket Boys - Love ’n’ Hate (CD) (5871807398041)

Bucket Boys - Love 'n' Hate (CD)


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The current Bucket Boys CD, released in autumn 2019, is the ultimate construction kit for constructing all stories on the subject of love & hate - songs between yesterday and tomorrow, good & bad, sick & even sicker. Anyone looking for a depiction of "Love 'n' Hate" that is far removed from reality will surely find what they are looking for in the sounds between Rock'n'Roll, Country, Roots and Desert Rock.
On the road since 1995, the Bucket Boys have already released 14 CDs in addition to countless live and radio appearances. Their songs are characterized by backyard romance and longing, desert intoxication and tequila-fueled fantasies - and all imaginable varieties of love & hate.

01 Won't You Be
02 tonight
03 changes
04 Reach the Beach
05 Kill Yourself
06 Naked In The Street
07 Don't You Know What Love Is
08 Too Far Away
09 What I Do To You Tonight
10 Take Your Suitcase
11 True Love
12 Thoughts On An Electric Chair - reloaded
13 Last Christmas * With A Little Gift