Bucket Boys - Thoughts On An Electric Chair (CD) (5871722266777)

Bucket Boys - Thoughts On An Electric Chair (CD)


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They count bands like Tito & Tarantula or Willy Deville among their favourites, have absorbed the soundtracks of films like "From Dusk Till Dawn" or "Desperado" and internalized their style in order to continuously make their own thing out of it - the unmistakable sound of the BUCKET BOYS.
Their mixture of rock, blues and country, with borrowings from surf, roots, Americana and now and then a pinch of TexMex spice has been the soundtrack for the drive in the '59 Cadillac convertible through the desert for years. With a pumpgun in the back seat and a body in the trunk, a nagging thirst down your throat and the state police breathing down your neck.
The Bucket Boys have been living the dream of endless freeway kilometers, hundreds of gigs and tequila-fueled fantasies - in October they have been for twenty years. And now the next fantasy sees the light of day: On September 18, 2015, the Bucket Boys' ninth CD "Thoughts On An Electric Chair" will be released. The essence of night-long, never-ending studio sessions in their desert room on the outskirts of the city is a concept album that has it all.
The songs reflect the thoughts of the delinquent immediately before the execution – his life flashes past his mind's eye like a film and each title is an episode from it. In the end, the bottom line is that you don't want to do so much differently if there were a new opportunity.
The music of the Bucket Boys produces images in the mind of the listener, it is "cinema for the ears". She always has been. But perhaps never as hauntingly as now on "Thoughts On An Electric Chair".

01 Thoughts on an electric guitar
02 April, May and June
03 Heart and soul
04 Smile
05 Black coffee
06 Let's go easy
07 Rosanna
08 Little Willie
09 He is killing me
10 Follow you
11 It feels like
12 Billy the butcher
13 Too soon