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Bucket Boys - Twentyfive (CD)


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twenty-five years of desert and dust
25 years of live concerts, CD productions, film music and many other projects. Isn't it about time to release a "best of" compilation? Wouldn't it be appropriate to pause and take a look back? YES and NO .
The current BUCKET BOYS CD, released in December, combines this retrospective with a look ahead. Six songs show a little insight from the past, a selection from over 230 pieces of music, a musical cross-section of the past 14 CDs.
But the BUCKET BOYS show that standing still doesn't fit into their concept:
Six new titles complete TWENTYFIVE. Six new aspects of the trials and tribulations of human existence - between backyard romance and longing, dirty passion and dusty desert flair .....

01 Bitch Girl
02 Hand Me High
03 Donkey
04 Loup Garou
05 Take My Hands
06 Felt This Way
07 looks
08 On The Run
09 660 Miles
10 Road To Perdition Unplugged
11 Corazon
12 Santa Muerte