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Colorful Dogs - Touch (CD)


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Each of their songs is understood as a good glass of mature wine that comes from different regions. Their concerts are always a journey through the sweet, the sour, the happy and the sad, but sometimes something that goes too far and yet is always carefully chosen. They don't feel committed to any particular musical style. With them everything is allowed, possible, welcome and always wanted.
Soft and contemplative elements alternate with loud and bold, without pushing the sung or spoken texts out of the foreground. Texts from direct experiences that seem to come from the scent and dust of flowers and streets, from the green of the meadows as well as from the blue of the sky. They still have messages that do not instruct or instruct, but want to stimulate the listener to think.
As a musical quartet they finally feel complete, but in terms of content they still deal with far more than just four different opinions. Colorful dogs are not black, not red, not green, not yellow and certainly not brown, and yet they show color in their songs, as colorful as life.
With acoustic & electric guitar, all kinds of percussion, bass, tuba, saxonet and a washboard fished out of the Göltzsch, they provide musical colour. And with their lyrics, they don't just bark. NO - if need be, they can also bite.

1. Lightness
2. Magic moment
3. Colorful fog
4. Be free
5. Ambivalent
6. Touch
7. Autumn
8. I am me