Bussard - Bussard (CD) (5871749464217)

Buzzard - Buzzard (CD)


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Can a rock group from the outskirts of Berlin hold its own against the competition from the capital? BUSSARD seems to have the necessary talent for this. With their debut album, the band undertakes a journey to the origins of rock music - exclusively with guitars and drums, as it should be.
A selection of his own compositions shows that good music does not have to fall back on foreign stylistic elements. "We are one step ahead of you" - a guiding principle that BUSSARD makes clear in every piece.

01 Revolution (Intro)
02 Curtain up!
03 We are not alone
04 hearts in the sand
05 Little boy
06 song of the buzzard
07 Empty spaces
08 Into the light
09 Fire of Life
10 heads or tails
11 The sea