Caleido Club - Space (CD) (5871718138009)

Caleido Club - Space (CD)


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It's about love, it's about space, it's about lab rats, it's about Vikings, it's about telling the bartender your life story at the counter, it's about making people do big and start small, it's about being lost and still going on, it's about Music, always about music. And above all, singer Annika Jonsson likes to tell stories. Those she has experienced or would have liked to have experienced. Like the ones where a space traveler flies as far as he can and then looks back at Earth and is amazed by its beauty.

01 Strangers At Night
02 The Last Days of Jazz
03 Kanske
04 Space
05 My Romance
06 Since you've been gone
07 Until you came into my life
08 Waste
09 Raindrops
10 rennet rat