Captn Catfish - Origins in the key of G (12" Vinyl-Album) (6738942754969)

Captn Catfish - Origins in the key of G (12" vinyl album)


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Captn Catfish, that's the band from the Neckarbayou, which stands for handmade music on handmade instruments. With their unique self-made instruments, they clearly stand out from the general musical landscape, and they sound as impressive as they built their instruments. Everything is possible, everything is allowed and everything is used.
The origins of the three-string license plate guitar undoubtedly lie in the key of G. Fabian Fahr explores this with a fine intuition and finds masterful riffs, comparable to the great riff masters such as Keith Richards. His musical roots are in southern rock. Together with Jordan Wiest from Minnesota they find the right words, riffs plus lyrics result in catchy, straightforward melodies and songs.
The five-piece band's themes include fishing, travel, barbecues and there are homages to fictional parallel worlds such as the Wild West and the glorious times of the Vikings. Jordan's bass, built from a salmon box, has just 2 strings as a deep equivalent to the license plate guitar, which he plays simply, functionally and extremely groovy.
That's where Tobias Langguth comes into play with his 6-string winebox guitar, whose sound he cleverly interlocks and weaves into the overall sound, so that one sometimes really thinks one is in southern rock, in the Stonesque or archaic-folkloristic area. So, despite the key being the same, there is a lot of variety!
Percussionist Marcos Jesús Gonzáles Jiménez from Cuba also makes a significant contribution to this, he underlines - very unusual and new for the cigar box scene, an authentic, wonderfully smooth Afro-Cuban-Son-Groove in most of the pieces and is closed on the drums in other pieces hear.
Vocally, Fabian's distinctive and deep voice is rounded off and complemented by singer Nicole Guida. With her pronounced feeling for blues and soul, she gives the whole thing the right finishing touch.

01 Poor Man's Guitar
02 Happy Wife: Happy Life
03 The Mullet Song
04 Bounty Hunter
05 Smiley's World
06 Copper Cauldron Gypsies
07 That's Life
08 Dinner Bell
09 BBQ
10 Yggdrasil