CaroleM - Confidences (CD) (5871727378585)

CaroleM - Confidence (CD)


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"A touch of France Gall, a hint of Feist. And of course with charm!” After studying jazz in France, Carole Martiné, who was born in Paris, decided to move to Berlin in order to realize her own musical project there. Gathering her memories, experiences and feelings, she began to write stories into autobiographical songs. "In French, because it's more natural, and in English, because sometimes you need a bit of distance and because it just sounds so good!" The focus is clearly on the voice, her instrument, an "access to my soul" with which She sets words in motion and likes to play with them: high notes, whispers, improvisation... She lets gentle Rhodes chords sound as accompaniment here, distorted guitars hiss and a hip-hop groove sometimes hides in between.
Thanks to many influences and inspirations, Carole moves freely from jazzy chanson to folk ballad. She simply calls her style: "Frenchy Pop". Delightful and yet profound, familiar and yet surprising: Carole enchants her audience with her versatility. Your secret? Maybe her natural, spontaneous way. Or as they say so beautifully in French: "La vie est une chanson, chante la!", which means something like "Life is a song, just sing it!"

01 1+1
02 I don't know
03 Lâches
04 cache cache
05 How Good It Is!
06 Moulibie
07 Click-Clac
08 All That She Wants
09 Dis Moi