CaroleM - Océan (CD) (5871817130137)

CaroleM - Océan (CD)


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Carole Martiné was born in Paris in 1983 and grew up in a German-French family. At the age of 5 she starts to learn the violin and will play it for 20 years both in the classical orchestra and for street music. At the age of 16, her true musical dream came true: singing! She joins a vocal ensemble and discovers jazz! It's decided, DAS will be her instrument and her music. After graduating from high school, she studied musicology, took singing lessons at the Paris Conservatoire and attended the jazz institute “Jazz à Tours” in France. Many collaborations have emerged from that time, which have influenced their music today. In 2010, she is invited to Berlin to play for the festival “Music in the Houses of the City”. She discovers the capital and decides to move there. So she opens a new chapter in her story and starts writing her own songs. Many collaborations follow, she sings for theater productions, for film music...
In 2015 she was offered a mezenate for the recording of her first album and so in January 2016 “Confidences” was released on the Osnabrück label Timezone. Concerts, festivals and radio broadcasts follow. The album received good reviews, Carole.M was even described as a local hero in January 2016 by Funkhaus Europa. Carole has been a mother for two years, she took an artistic break at one point, but is now back with new ideas, new songs and new sounds, which she would like to present on an EP soon.

01 Therapy
02 Our Souls
03 Pirates
04 Ocean
05 Ma declaration
06 Let Me Go