Carolin Karnuth - Herzchaos (CD) (5900411928729)

Carolin Karnuth - Heart Chaos (CD)


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In 2020, the actress and singer Carolin Karnuth will release her debut album "Herzchaos" with her pianist and co-composer Eckhard Wiemann.
The name says it all: The focus is on the lyrics - sometimes funny, sometimes melancholic
and sometimes a little spitefully, the Berliner-by-choice lets her own and observed elements flow into her songs with a lot of self-mockery and dry humour.
Chansonesque, slightly cabaret lyrics in pop-jazzy melodies alternate with rocking snot numbers and Asian folklore - pure heart chaos!

01 Decide
02 buddy
03 Puking over the four-poster bed
04 Pseudo Black Mommy
05 Unemployed actors in Berlin
06 I wish for rain
07 AstroTV
08 Substitute Hero
09 Stephan from Pankow
10 Like a deflated balloon
11 Mr. Non-binding
12 lives
13 Asian