Cats TV - Los! (CD)

Cats TV - Go! (CD)


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The cats are GO again!
With driving numbers like "Hallo Musik", the Cuxhaven reconciliation song "Alte Heimat", the socially critical title "Yacht" ("The yacht is full, you can't get up here"), a planned successor to "Frank" (from the 81st album "Killerautomat"), and songs like "Und Los", "Deine Bilder" and the single "Hol Mich Hier Raus", the Cuxhaven guys prove that they haven't forgotten anything and that the Cats-TV sound is
nothing like has lost its freshness - even more than 40 years after the band was founded.

01 heaven
02 The yacht
03 Get me out of here
04 Your pictures
05 And go!
06 Earth
07 Old home
08 Hello music
09 I'm fine
10 crows
11 Frank II