Cecilia Pillado & Friends - Homage To Guastavino - The Schubert Of The Pampas (CD) (5948065546393)

Cecilia Pillado & Friends - Homage To Guastavino - The Schubert Of The Pampas (CD)


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Guastavino's music is appealing, refreshing and deliciously romantic. Their rhythms and melodies have taken them beyond the geographical borders of the country. The immensely popular songs "Pueblito, mi pueblo" (1957) or "La Rosa y el Sauce" (1942) have become international favourites. Guastavino is known for his melodic gift, which is why he has been called "The Schubert of the Pampas".
His musical style is conservative and always tonal. The expressive melody and the virtuoso piano writing are accompanied by highly expressive harmony that reveals the influence of European composers such as Granados, Rachmaninoff and Ravel. He is and remains "the great romantic".
Pillado made her selections based on the beauty of the melodies and pianistic challenges. You will hear piano works as well as spirited duos with flute, clarinet, voice and viola.
“A big thank you goes to my fellow musicians who helped shape this project. I hope you come to love this music the way I did.”

3 PIEZAS PARA PIANO - 3 Pieces for Piano
01 Bailecito
02 Pueblito mi pueblo (Arr. by Guastavino)
03 Tierra Linda
04 INTRODUCCIÓN Y ALLEGRO (Flauta y Piano - Flute & Piano)
SONATA PARA CLARINETE Y PIANO - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano
05 I. Allegro deciso
06 II. Andante
07 III. Rondo - Allegro spiritoso
9 CANCIONES - 9 SONGS - (Voz y piano – Voice & Piano)
08 Se equivocó la paloma
09 La rosa and the sauce
10 Encantamiento