Celeigh Cardinal - Stories From A Downtown Apartment (CD) (5906926436505)

Celeigh Cardinal - Stories From A Downtown Apartment (CD)


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Stories from a Downtown Apartment is the highly anticipated follow-up to Celeigh Cardinal's 2017 breakout debut album Everything and Nothing at All, which earned her awards including Indigenous Artist of the Year at the 2018 Western Canadian Music Awards. In this latest collection of soulful songs, the Indigenous singer/songwriter delves into the themes of love, grief, desire and letting go.
The album brilliantly showcases Cardinal's enchanting contralto voice, reminiscent of the blues' bygone days and jazz's golden era. Its warmth, power, range and nuance are reminiscent of artists like Bonnie Raitt and Adele. Celeigh Cardinal is now touring throughout Canada and the USA and was able to freak out the full kukuun club at the last Reeperbahn Festival! In May/June, the incredible live musician will embark on a multi-week European tour through Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Austria - see tour dates below.

"Celeigh is quickly becoming one of the great voices that make up the fabric of the Canadian roots music scene." - Doug Cox, Artistic Director, Vancouver Island MusicFest

01 The Devil Is A Blue-Eyed Man
02 Song By The Supermoon
03 When All Is Said And Done
04 I Don't Want To Know You Anymore
05 Do you know?
06 There Are Some Things We Will Never Do
07 Tumbleweed
08 Loving Is Letting Go