Celtic Dreams - Tales of Christmas (CD) (5871692349593)

Celtic Dreams - Tales of Christmas (CD)


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“Cuddles for the soul” is the best way to describe the music of the duo Celtic Dreams. With Christmas tunes from the Irish-Scottish region, the two successful musicians Jasmin and Chris Loch lead the audience through space and time, into a world full of myths and legends. On the newly released Christmas album "Tales of Christmas", the story of the Archangel Gabriel ("Gabriel's Message") is told with harp, Celtic flutes, sophisticated orchestral arrangements and the usual velvety voice of Jasmine, who with wings like blowing snow tells the news of the delivering the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.
Or the story of the Infante, as the baby Jesus is described in the old Scottish song "Let us the Infant greet", who will save the world. But also classics like "The first Noel" or "Oh holy Night" can be heard on the disc. At one of the last Christmas concerts, a Catholic priest spoke towards the end: "... that you, dear listeners, come into the church to listen to the music of Celtic Dreams is like a prayer".... The Lochs have also been referred to as missionaries, as the churches are filled to capacity at every concert.

01 The First Noel
02 Midwinter's Night
03 Gabriel's message
04 Coventry Carol
05 Let Us the Infant Greet
06 Crowning of the King
07 Away in a Manger
08 God Rest Ye'merry, gentlemen
09 Christ Child's Lullaby
10 Holy Night
11 Amazing Grace
12 Lullaby and Good Night