Chants Fleuris - Ella (CD) (5871823814809)

Chants Fleuris - Ella (CD)


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When three spirited singers and thoroughbred musicians, who also come from the same family, get an irrepressible desire for the French chanson, it becomes a musical feast - for the eyes and ears! Chants Fleuris is fresh, three-part chanson singing, which was formed around the experienced chanson singer Cordula Wirkner (the chameleon lady) and which simply puts you in a good mood! Instead of reverently avoiding the great songs of the French, "Chants Fleuris" takes a direct course for the great classics. Whether it's crisp, rhythmic choral movements or unusual arrangements that sometimes try to clear out the old tant of French chansons, all of this shows the enormous range of these three ladies. And it is not for nothing that the name of the ensemble is reminiscent of a field of flowers (Champs fleuris), which can also enchant our minds. The vocal band did not have to look far for the sophisticated arrangements: Klaus Gramß, also a member of this family gang and known as an arranger, jazz choir director and pianist, makes this family reunion an event. It's best to listen loud!

01 Ella, elle l'a
02 La Vie en Rose
03 Vois sur ton chemin
04 Comment te dire adieu