Chaosbay - Asylum (CD) (5906955960473)

Chaosbay - Asylum (CD)


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Chaosbay from Berlin/Kaiserslautern reach a whole new level with their second full-length album: wildly virtuoso, grown up, aware of their strengths, the group founded in 2012 celebrates their incredibly energetic interplay with almost pedantic perfection at an incredibly rapid pace. Comparisons like PERIPHERY, KARNIVOOL, TESSERACT, but also OPETH, PORCUPINE TREE and DREAM THEATER always seem to come up when speaking of their unique sound. Double bass thunderstorms, djent riffs and evil growls alternate with great melodies, harmony vocals and acoustic guitars. Produced in a modern and uncompromising manner, powerful, virtuoso, tricky and yet always focused on catchy hooklines, the record leads through the nine chapters, between which recurring musical motifs and topics are hidden.
The album is more up to date than ever. Aside from genre-typical fantasy epics and surreal dream sequences, the band expresses their opinion on racism, xenophobia, the refugee crisis and moral decay in times of capitalism. “It no longer felt so sensible for me to come up with stories at a time when there was really enough to tell about what was really going on.”, said singer and main songwriter Jan Listing in an interview with Shieldmaiden's Voice. Mixed and mastered by Christof Kempe (Embark Audio), who was also responsible for the sound of bands like TIME THE VALUATOR, BREATHE ATLANTIS or BURNING DOWN ALASKA, the album is in no way inferior to international competition.

01 Enjoy The Rise
02 Amen
03 Mediterranean
04 D.O.A.
05 Limbus Inn
06 Soldiers
07 Criminals & Sons
08 The Lyin’ King
09 Heavenly Island (Epilogue)