CharMana - DrehMomente (CD) (5871680258201)

CharMana - TurningMoments (CD)


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Earthy, almost no frills and yet charismatic and stubborn, CharMana rock into the ear canals of the inclined music lover. Those who embark on the journey have a good chance of catching the moment when crude hooks, pithy riffs and thoughtful lyrics form a catchy symbiosis.
The new album DrehMomente adds new dimensions to the typical CharMana sound, while the melody-loving character of their songs runs like a red thread through all releases.

01 8 Hundred Miles
02 Never
03 Much More to See
04 Energize Me
05 heroes
06 wrong direction
07 Voices in My Head
08 What If
09 Soulless Man
10 On The Sea
11 Second Row
12 talc
13 Never Look Back
14 In a Different Way
15 Another Time