CHATO! - So und nicht anders (CD) (5871757295769)

CHATO! - This way and not otherwise (CD)


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Band founder Chato Segerer composes according to the yin and yang principle: he combines fast and slow, hard and soft and simple songs with complex intermediate parts (or vice versa). On top of that, he puts all the elements that he enjoys into the musical cooking pot: the energy of punk, the intellect of jazz and the rawness of metal mixed with rock, funk & pop. All this is rounded off with a pinch of humour, because Chato and his fellow musicians don't take themselves and the world too seriously - except for the music. The Zappa spirit. Compared to the debut album "Prog-Fusion with Balls", the lineup has been expanded to include saxophone/clarinet and a little more vocals have been incorporated. While the first album sounded even more edgy and angry, CHATO! with the successor "So and not differently" off the gas. But only a little.

01 Vila
02 A 3-way On The Freeway
03 Walking In The Streets At Midnight
04 Let's Move To Cleveland
05 Music Stereotypes Medley
06 Never Man
07 Progtopia Act I: The Departure
08 Progtopia Act II: The Adventure
09 Progtopia Act III: Coming Home
10 Tears Of Adrenaline