Chris Lauffs - Adrenalin (CD) (5871811854489)

Chris Lauffs - Adrenaline (CD)


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Chris Lauffs is a singer-songwriter from Seeheim-Jugenheim in southern Hesse. For many years he has been performing his music in the Darmstadt-Frankfurt area and beyond. In his German lyrics, Chris tells stories somewhere between reality and fiction, addresses touching topics such as drug use, gambling addiction or the retreat of the glacier, but also sings romantic songs. In his now released debut album "Adrenaline" he presents his 12 favorite songs. Chris plays solo on stage, accompanying himself on acoustic guitars and blues harp. For the album, however, he has recruited a handful of top-class musicians who give his songs shine and depth. They're "not songs for every day, not for the occasional...but for a few moments in your life when they hit you in the right mood..."

01 Adrenaline
02 Nothing to regret
03 B-3 blues
04 Antoine
05 Blush or Noir
06 The Last Giants
07 half
08 At this time
09 When we see each other
10 big city girls
11 whales
12 on the way