Christian Bleiming - Brauninger telefoniert! (CD)

Christian Bleiming - Brauninger on the phone! (CD)


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Radio plays from the world of professional music, presented by Christian Bleiming and Helmut Hoffmann

The life of a professional musician makes many demands. Mastering your instrument and the repertoire, appearing on stage on time and being in the studio on time – that is not what is meant here. If you love your job, you can do all these things anyway.
It gets interesting when the Boogie Woogie dives into the world of themed gastronomy, modern audio technology, concert critics, private celebrations, poster mailings, hotel gastronomy and what has recently become known as “facility management”. Of course, things have to run smoothly here, because everything around it needs to be well organized. Whether on the phone or in a personal conversation – the representatives of this special appearance logistics seem competent and friendly to call out to our hero: “Mr. Brauninger – we have been waiting for you!”
The fight at the front in a drinking bar performance opens our little journey through the microcosm of show business, but before the dream of attention and success becomes tangible, Mr. Brauninger has to make his experiences.
My special thanks go to Helmut Hoffmann, who has been inspiring people as Hans-Hermann Thielke on stage, on radio and television, and on the Internet for decades. He contributed 3 texts, can be heard in several roles and showed me on many occasions that humor rarely works without the necessary seriousness in the background.
Christian Bleiming, June 2021

01 "Concert" in the restaurant
02 The cultural office
03 The private birthday
04 At the post office counter
05 The press
06 The sound technology
07 The hotel
08 The pub
09 The caretaker
10 culture!
11 Extra Boogie