Christian Falk - Farbe & Dunkel (CD) (5871766110361)

Christian Falk - Color & Dark (CD)


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How much happiness can an album take anyway? – Singer/songwriter Christian Falk asked himself this question while he was working on his debut album “Color & Darkness”. The answer: Probably not too much, if it's not trivial or the next album by Max Giesinger. As an enthusiastic theatergoer, the native of Bremen loves dualism, the game between good and evil, happiness and misfortune, light and shadow. It is precisely these opposites that play a key role in “Color & Darkness”. “My music takes time. It's not for quick fun," says the 29-year-old. For more than a year, Christian Falk worked on his songs, on the perfect mixture of contrasts. On “Farbe & Dunkel” between ten pieces, colourful, life-affirming pop rock meets deep, painful melancholy and political commentary without compromise. Sometimes packed in concrete, sometimes in abstract songwriter pieces, which owe their perfect fine tuning on a musical level to Falk's cellist Friedemann Eich and the producer Tobi Schneider. As a true workhorse, Christian Falk plays up to 100 concerts of all sizes every year. But his secret favorite are appearances in private living rooms. These are now an integral part of his tour life and can be booked directly on his homepage. As in “Color & Darkness”, Christian Falk's life is also marked by dualisms. As a graduate industrial engineer, he could have lived the safe, middle-class life that looked sunny from the outside with a career in a large corporation. But in order not to slip into a hamster wheel, after a short excursion into the automotive industry, Christian Falk consciously decided against the corporate world and followed his heart: “Music is what makes me happy. I don't want to do anything else in my life.”

1. Saltwater
2. Europe
3. Color
4. Switch with me
5. Your smell stays
6. Hello stranger
7. When the world goes to sleep
8. Orange tree
9. One of mine
10. Fantasy