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Christian Falk - Now (CD)


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Feel what is really important. Don't mourn missed opportunities. Live simply. Now. What pretty much every lifestyle magazine is proclaiming these days is easier said than done. Christian Falk had to realize that too, annoyed. With his concept album "Now" the singer-songwriter takes you along the fine line between future and past.
The result: ten elaborate, musical snapshots. Ten personal, contrastive snapshots. Each one freed from the agonizingly nostalgic vortex of thoughts that almost every thirty-year-old has to contend with sooner or later. Then there are politics and society: "Suddenly the news on television has a completely different meaning for me," says Christian Falk. They affect directly and are no longer just the abstract entertainment of others. It is logical that the current concerns about a society drifting apart are reflected in the songs. Together with producer Tobi Schneider, Christian Falk took a lot of time for the sound of his concept album and so it was finally time to say goodbye to rock. Instead, Falk, together with his cellist Friedemann Eich, devotes himself entirely to the singer-songwriter genre - sophisticated, well thought-out and relentlessly honest.
As the second part of the concept series, “now” is to be followed by “after” in the future. Until then, the album remains, in addition to Christian Falk's personal snapshot, a call to himself to enjoy the here and now. For him, that would mean, for example, soaking up the good feeling after his numerous concerts and worrying less about the future.

1. A little mass is enough
2. Concrete
3. Here
4. Enough time to lose
5. Balcony
6. The freedom of art
7. Now
8. Now and then I scream softly
9. Dreams
10. Short memory