Christoph Enderlein - My Friend (CD) (5871721644185)

Christoph Enderlein - My Friend (CD)


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At first glance, it seems extremely strange, even a little strange, the project the young musician Christoph Enderlein has set up with his first album "My Friend". But at second glance, a large portion of lifeblood and a long history behind this project are revealed. The 24-year-old from Potsdam dedicates his record to the actor, dubbing and radio play speaker Edgar Ott, whose voice had a decisive influence not only on Enderlein's childhood but on the entire generation. Ott spoke countless cartoon and radio play characters that are still known and loved by children, adolescents and the young at heart. One of them served Christoph Enderlein as a catalyst for the core message of his album when creating "My Friend": Whatever is important to you, keep it alive and follow your passion.
With a total of nine songs, which he recorded in his parents' house and in his bedroom at home, Enderlein uses the example of Edgar Ott to draw attention to the underestimated role of the speaker's guild in Germany and the often forgotten emotional component of the human voice. Musically, he follows the solid path of the singer/songwriter - his pieces are supported by guitar, piano and vocals. But also classic elements of folk, such as the banjo, are used in his music. He himself calls the style of music he plays "Singing And Playing" and thus keeps himself open to new avenues for further projects. But one thing is certain - the path of passion and devotion that Christoph Enderlein undoubtedly embarked on with his debut album will not be abandoned on his future musical journeys.

01 Waited For You
02 Arouse Me
03 Devil's Oak
04 Fly With Me
05 Steady Like You
06 Deep Blue Water
07 Summer Swing
08 Leila
09 Guide Us Home