Christoph Engelsberger - Mitten im Leben (CD) (5871786557593)

Christoph Engelsberger - In the Middle of Life (CD)


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The Wiesloch singer-songwriter Christoph Engelsberger has arrived “in the middle of life” with his new album. The 36-year-old tells musical stories that drive and concern people at very personal turning points. When you look back to childhood dreams like in "I always wanted to be an astronaut" and in the midst of everyday turbulence you ask yourself the quiet question whether that should really have been everything - in life and in love. Whether with ballads on the relationship status such as "Stop the hands again" or "People without a name", "My very personal contribution and my feeling for the refugee crisis", as Christoph Engelsberger describes it: It's about changes "in the middle of life" that sweep you away , electrify, accelerate and then sometimes pull the rug out from under your feet, as in “When Everyone Sleeps”.
In addition to open, sometimes almost relentlessly emotional German lyrics, Christoph Engelsberger's fourth album surprises with a fresh band line-up and a new sound. "The idea slowly crept into my head and into my songs, to break new ground musically in the middle of life and to dare a new beginning with the band," says Christoph Engelsberger. The guitar sounds of the Karlsruher Roman Hernitscheck are just as much a part of the current album as Andreas Kaufmann, who not only shaped the 13 songs "Mitten im Leben" with modern drum patterns as a drummer. As a producer (eg "Sing meine Song") he also gave them his very own sound polish in his studio in Mannheim.

1. Be an astronaut
2. Who
3. Write to you
4. Nothing forever
5. When everyone is asleep
6. Stop the hands
7. Courage Stories
8. Fields of Verdun
9. Flotsam
10. People without names
11. In the middle of life
12. I let go
13. Good as it is