Christoph Schenker’s - Cellosophy (CD) (5871675605145)

Christoph Schenker's - Cellosophy (CD)


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Christoph Schenker's "Cellosophy" is, so to speak, the conglomeration of his influences, the living out of his musical ideas - without compromises, without band-democratic obstacles... and at the same time an attempt to redefine the classic cello as a modern instrument in his own way: no persistence in clichéd classic, jazzy, rocky Playing techniques - but the unbridled use of all clichés as a building block for fresh cello music in the 21st century... not another outdated attempt at crossover - but a collection of unique songs and atmospheric instrumentals - played exclusively on a cello and yet sounding like a whole band. This is Christoph Schenker's "Cellosophy" in the literal sense.

01 New day trip
02 circular
03 new moon
04 cold heating
05 Drivin' home for Easter
06 trisolar
07 Champagne
08 Dream quicksand
09 Celllosophy
10 King of Atlantis