Cindy Alter - Faith & Fire  (CD) (5871818932377)

Cindy Alter - Faith & Fire (CD)


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An exceptional woman of exceptional talent, singer, songwriter and guitarist Cindy Alter is from Johannesburg, South Africa. She was already gaining worldwide recognition at the age of 21 when she rose to fame in 1978 with the rock group Clout and the band's most successful hit, Substitute. Extensive tours with The Police, Thin Lizzy, Supertramp, Dire Straits, Blondie, Gloria Gaynor, Village People and other well-known artists of the time followed. Cindy never stopped living music, writing songs and giving concerts. Even a malignant cancer could not bring her to her knees. On the contrary, she has drawn new strength from it and her motto can be found in her lyrics, including one of her new hits, the song "Thrive" released in 2014: "I'll do more than survive, I'll thrive". ("I will more than survive, I will thrive"). In 2019, Cindy was back in Germany for the first time in 36 years at the invitation of "Werner Nadolnys JANE" bassist Rolf Vatteroth, who had also organized a small tour for her. As part of the tour, two song recordings were made, which can be found exclusively on the CD.

01 Driving
02 Faith & Fire
03 More
04 Heart Attack
05 Gonna Get Better
06 Thrive
07 kiss me
08 Ghost
09 The Devil Walked A Mile In My Shores
10 Girl Crush
11 I Will Love You
12 love hurts