Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning - World2Hot (CD) (5871733244057)

Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning - World2Hot (CD)


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Yep - they ride again! Cliff Barnes and the Fear of Winning (CBATFOW) has a long history. They were stars in the 80's and 90's. Live in more than 350 concerts and on seven albums, the band always questioned the politics of this world in their songs - in their very own way. CBATFOW toured extensively in Europe and the US, imploding in the late 90's and coming back in 2003 with a smashing album called Godsatwork. After that, Bob and Henry formed the Artland Country Club and developed the unique Pedal Power System. Here, four modified bicycles generate the electricity for a PA system and enable concerts to be held in places where there is no power outlet.

01 Mr Rodriguez
02 God & Grumpy
03 I've Got A Gun
04 Cold Outside
05 Cardboard Moon
06 Deadly Sin
07 I Let Her Down
08 Tie Me Down
09 The Crossing
10 Ride My Bike Electric
11 Blue Skies
12 Ride My Bike Acoustic
13 Mr Rodriguez - Radio Mix