Cliff Shark - 17 Seconds (CD) (5871761162393)

Cliff Shark - 17 Seconds (CD)


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Immerse yourself in the bizarre world of Cliff Shark and his songwriter Günther Andratschke. Driving beats and romantic melodies merge into a symbiosis of danceable synth pop songs.
Cliff Shark makes a colorful mixture of pop, rock and electro, sometimes melancholic and dreamy, then again the shark grooves lasciviously under the disco ball. The songwriter wants to entertain the listener, also with sometimes unexpected twists in the songs. There is also a dash of irony in the lyrics, but always with a loving wink.
There are also 3 pretty wacky new videos...

01 Friends
02 Arabian Nights
03 17 seconds
04A Fighter
05 Doors Slam
06 Cliff Shark
07 Time Is A Healer
08 Arabian Days
09 Monday Morning