Club Flor De Maio - Laya (CD) (5871760081049)

Club Flor De Maio - Laya (CD)


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The roots of the two singers are unmistakable - today they dream of Brazil and tomorrow they will take you to Africa. The duo combines the warm sounds of these countries with their pop compositions. The power of their music is the uniqueness of their two voices, which nevertheless know how to intertwine. This was also the reason why Nadja Lea Letzgus and Hanna Sikasa founded Club Flor de Maio. In their first album they devote themselves entirely to the interplay of their two voices. Accompanying themselves on Rhodes and double bass, they create their clear, acoustic sound.

1. Fall Into My...
2. Winds And Ways
3. Laya
4. Dreams
5.Never Look Back
6. Vim de Longe
7. Best currency
8. Bitter Moon
9. Of Kings And Queens
10. Outro
11. Vim De Longe Bogjee (Remix)