Coconut Kings - s/t (CD) (5906746540185)

Coconut Kings - s/t (CD)

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The album has been recorded here and there, when the guys were in the mood between gigs and “everyday life when shits happens”. On this album you'll find Rhyhtm and Blues and Rock'n'Roll mixed up with a little bit of Calypso, Latin-American and Tex-Mex style,


It is not easy to describe the music and the band, especially if it means more than that. How to explain the way you think, drink, fuck, and live? And does anybody take care of it?
Guess not.

The only thing that really matters is on your turntable.
The only thing that really matters is the fuckin' Rock'n'Roll.
Lost in the electric mist you're looking for answers and you got none, BUT you can hear something from far away. Something you can't understand with the head but with your guts.

That's what Coconut Kings are all about.

01 I wish you would
02 Five times lucky at the Russian roulette
03 All saints cursed
04 Middle-class burnout
05 The sad fate of Mr. yourself
06 Midnight stomp
07 I can't be satisfied
08 catwalk
09 The gundog
10 neon light city blues
11 Menina (When you walk with the wolves)
12 No calypso song
13 Corazon error 404
14 Grab the money and run
15 hillbilly blues