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Conexión Salsa Live Band – Felicidad (CD)


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On FELICIDAD, the six musicians from Cuba, Colombia and Germany around singer Mayelis Guyat (The Voice of Germany, among others) ignite a real firework of salsa, son cubano, bolero and cha cha chá. The band skilfully combines rousing classics from the Cuban and international repertoire, as well as exciting original compositions with lots of energía postiva. Modern, urban and always danceable - Caribbean feeling and explosive salsa straight from the heart of Berlin.
The first single "De Donde Es El Son" (release: June 19th, 2020) is an up-tempo Son Cubano and tells of the eternal dispute about the invention of the "Son" - the Cuban style that is the basis of salsa music. "Where does the son come from" - that is the question that the capital city dwellers from Havana and the inhabitants of the eastern provinces of Cuba (Oriente) have always been fighting over. Discussions about where the Son is danced better are just as passionate.
A special guest on FELICIDAD is the Cuban rumba and folklore legend Juan "Chan" Campos Cárdenas (*1939). The Havana-born singer is a co-founder of the group Yoruba Andabo and won the Premio Grammy Latino with this formation.

01 Llego conexion
02 De donde es el son
03 Vereda tropical
04 Felicidad
05 Como fue
06 A dios le pido
07 Babalu
08 Lagrimas negras
09 Son de la madrugada