Conny Conrad - I Rock (CD) (5871688089753)

Conny Conrad - I Rock (CD)


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He wrote the music for the 1993 World Athletics Championships ("Hello Stuttgart Go"), the anthem "Welcome to Australia" nominated by Deutsche Sporthilfe for the German Olympic team in Sydney 2000, was from 1999 to 2009 with his English-German band "Dark Ocean internationally, released the all-stars albums Generations 1 + 2, wrote the song for the song project of the same name for children's rights Rock For Your Children and the new European anthem of hearts Europeana.
With "I rock" Conny Conrad opens a new chapter in his now 40-year musical career and clearly shows that he means it damn seriously when he says he is looking forward to many more decades of creative work.

01 The prophecy
02 danger zone
03 The astronaut
04 Why we got to be down
05 Heidi
06 Return of the bumblebee
07 Kings and queens
08 I wanna feel your love again
09 Where are the eighties
10 The song
11 End of the prophecy