Conny Conrad - The World Anthem (CD) (5871780462745)

Conny Conrad - The World Anthem (CD)


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Now the time has come: "60 years on earth" and of that "56 years with guitar". When I decided to produce another solo album after my last solo album "I rock" (2013), I didn't have to think long to come to the decision, this time even less, or almost no consideration at all To take the taste sensations of some "format apostles" in the media but to present the music that defines me as intensely as possible. Since I've finished the production for a few months now and can now listen quite naively and with the necessary distance, I have to say that I've achieved my goal of sounding absolutely authentic. You can certainly hear that the album wasn't produced in the 50s, but it still has these beats and sounds that can definitely be described as "timeless". Often melancholic, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, symphonic and sometimes surprising, but despite my gentle prog approaches, I always remain melodic and think I've lived out my penchant for catchy tunes and unusual guitar figures far away from boring Vivaldi copies. So I've composed, written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered 16 tracks with a total length of almost 77 minutes over the last five years. It takes months to work on the details, but it was worth it, not least because I did all the background vocals on the vocals, but left the lead vocals to the best voices I could get. The album "The World Anthem" is a self-contained sci-fi end-of-times story, the content of which is intended to admonish and provoke thought through the songs in the order on CD. The end of the story is represented by the CD cover: we see the earth through the eyes of an observer on an alien planet at a seemingly close distance. We'll find out why when we listen to the CD with concentration. I wish everyone a lot of joy and many different positive feelings when listening to my anniversary album for my 60th birthday: "The World Anthem".

01 The World Anthem Part One
02 Live Your Life Today
03 Fanfare For The Common World
04 Living In Danger
05 The Gutter
06 The Light
07 The Bell
08 New Sad Song