Copper Smoke - It’s About Time (CD) (5871807660185)

Copper Smoke - It's About Time (CD)


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Let's get ready for Copper Smoke - it's about time!
If Tom Petty had formed a band with Johnny Cash and invited Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young to it, it would probably have been the revolution in the history of rock music. Inconceivably? Not quite, because the Würzburg band Copper Smoke stands for exactly this sound. However, this is not another tribute cover band, but an independent band with compositions mostly written by Frank Halbig, which bring a raw, unpolished sound and the flair of the US American South with them.
Copper Smoke is a multiple winner of the German Rock and Pop Prize 2018 and, in addition to numerous festival and club gigs, has also worked as a support band for American scene bands such as "Micky and the Motorcars" or "The Captain Legendary Band". Together, the five francs have a good 100 years of stage experience and convince with their joy of playing and their trademark, polyphonic singing.

01 Long Way Home
02 What If
03 Adeline
04 Broken Dishes
05 The Devil Makes Me Think Of You
06 Bright Lights
07 Little More Tired
08 Bullets, Tanks And Guns