Corin Curschellas - Collecziuns 1990-2010 + 2022 (Her Songs)
Corin Curschellas - Collecziuns 1990-2010 + 2022 (Her Songs)

Corin Curschellas - Collecziuns 1990-2010 + 2022 (Her Songs)


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Corin Curschellas is celebrating her stage anniversary with a special 4-CD box set.
Corin Curschellas performed live for the first time 50 years ago and already showed her versatile talents back then. This anniversary was an occasion for the Tourbo Music label to look back on the career of the Graubünden singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and actress and to publish the extraordinary retrospective "Collecziuns: Her Songs 1990-2010+2022".

In 2023, Corin Curschellas is best known for new versions of traditional Romanesque folk songs that are as subtle as they are fresh, which she has created in changing formations over the past twelve years. These are loved by the audience and praised by the media. Because of this, however, Corin Curschellas' earlier work was somewhat forgotten, especially since these recordings are outdated. Therefore, the focus of the retrospective was placed on her own compositions from the years 1990-2010, in which she showed herself to be linguistically and stylistically cosmopolitan. They are songs in dialect, German, English, French and Romansh, which were recorded in studios in Graubünden, Zurich, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London and New York with countless musicians from Switzerland, Europe, Africa and the USA.

The selection of the pieces was made by Mathias Rüegg, the spiritus rector of the Vienna Art Orchestra, in which Corin Curschellas worked as a solo singer for many years. The renowned composer and arranger has created a very personal and not a chronological or thematic compilation. Despite all the musical and linguistic diversity, the unmistakably clear and multifaceted voice of Corin Curschellas is always the focus. The 60 pieces also include some unpublished solo pieces and poem settings from 2022, as well as four works composed for Corin Curschellas with the Vienna Art Orchestra. In addition to the four CDs, the box also contains two stylishly designed brochures illustrated with numerous photos with all the lyrics and tributes to 26 personalities.