Corky Laing’s Mountain - Live in Melle inkl. Buch Letters to Sarah (CD) (5965375701145)

Corky Laing's Mountain - Live in Melle incl. book Letters to Sarah (CD)


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The American formation Mountain has stood for powerfully melodic hard rock of the highest perfection for almost five decades. Songs like "Mississippi Queen", "Nantucket Sleighride", "Theme From An Imaginary Western" or "Blood Of The Sun" are among the immortal classics of rock music , which have lost none of their fascinating power and impact to this day.
Founded in New York in 1969 by Leslie West, Felix Pappaladi, Steve Knight and Corky Laing, the quartet, treated by fans and critics as Cream's successor and performing at the legendary Woodstock Festival that same year, became one of the most successful acts of the genre. More than twenty albums – including various gold-plated releases – can be credited to the creative account of the band, which is still active today in changing line-ups.
On the present concert recording, recorded on February 12, 2016 in Melle, Lower Saxony, as part of their "German Sleighride Tour", alongside drummer, singer and founding member Corky Laing from Phil Parker (guitar, vocals) and Joe Venti (bass, vocals ) existing power trio a furious taste of his band-typical, always recognizable hard rock variant.

disc 01
01 Introducing
02 Silver Paper
03 Dreams Of Milk And Honey
04 Long Red
05 Never In My Life
06 Nantucket Sleigh Ride
07 Mississippi Queen
08 Theme From An Imaginary Western
09 Like A Rollin' Stone

disc 02
01 Introducing
02 Don't Look Around
03 Sittin' On A Rainbow
04 For Yasgur's Farm
05 Travelli' In The Dark
06 Politician
07 Sushine Of Your Love
08 The Doctor