Cosmic Gaarden - Stomp (CD) (5871716991129)

Cosmic Garden - Stomp (CD)


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Thanks to state-of-the-art recording technology, "Stomp" has succeeded in what makes the band so unique: Cosmic Gaarden sound massive and powerful, as is expected nowadays, but they still captured the charm of the 60s/70s in the recordings, so that the inexperienced listeners might think they are listening to a lost recording from back then, remastered, of course. An astonishing "side effect" is unmistakable: When listening, the impression immediately arises that the band is playing live at the moment. In the end, an alternative to all the bands and productions that have been bred in the studio and which today without technical aids could not even come close to sounding live like on CD was born without tricks and false bottoms.

01 Stomp
02 Ready To Rock
03 Lay Down On Your Knees
04 danger zone
05 The Astronaut
07 The Song
08 Lift Up Your Life
09 Rain And Tears
10 Where Are The Eighties
11 Seven Cosmic Gates