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Coucou - Girl (CD)


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Reflecting lights on warm, rain-soaked asphalt, a moth buzzes around the light of an oversized neon sign for indie nightclub Coucou. The bass thumps through the walls and we're right in the middle of our very personal film noir.
The sound of the electric guitar envelops the two voices - melodies rise and dance like lights through the twilight until they are caught again by the demanding beat of the floor tom. Outside you can already sense the pulsing of the awakening city, but the constant pounding of the drum machine combines with ghostly guitar loops to create a curtain that doesn't want to be opened just yet.
With two voices, a guitar, as well as electronic and percussive sound elements, Meryem, Steffi and Janda von Coucou create a mood that you want to sink into - like going to bed after a long night. The sound of this early hour is reminiscent of 70's soft rock and modern day goth folk, as known from Aldous Harding. Everything is wonderfully calm and that's why it's so close: celebrated slowness, a little journey inside. Coucou is great slow-motion cinema in the midst of restless modernity.
The EP "Girl" was created in collaboration with legendary producer Olaf Opal (The Notwist, Die Sterne), who captured the sound of the three women from Leipzig and Berlin surprisingly unfiltered: Coucou sounds independent and uncompromising, full of powerful-voiced, tender melancholy. Listening through "Girl" one gets caught in a kaleidoscope of sound and sensory illusions. Right from the opener “Out of My Head” pushes its way through beats, guitar hooks and wonderfully quirky vocals, chugging in a slightly explosive slant. Before that, one would think, Chris Isaak was playing and after that comes a dignified "All Tomorrows Parties" by The Velvet Underground with the unforgettable Nico. Everything is wonderfully poppy, stays in the ear for a long time and is pleasantly bold at the same time.
There's a Place, the second play in the six-part Coucou mini-series, comes with great beauty, diving deep, touching seabed and plankton - shining bright in the night. When you hear the title song "Girl" you finally find yourself on the deserted bus on the way home.
If you turn on the radio the next day and the speakers stream: "You don't have to worry", the memory of last night comes back to life - wonderfully clear and touching - the film starts over.

01 Out Of My Head
02 My Idea Of You
03 You Don't Have To Worry
04 girls
05 There's A Place
06 In The Raw