Cream Flow - Smooth Vibes (CD) (5871830859929)

Cream Flow - Smooth Vibes (CD)


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When Agnes Hapsari and Pit Schwaar met at a musical production in 2012, the lives of the two artists were actually planned very differently. The exceptional singer and pianist, also known to the public through her participation in the ensemble "La Mer", planned to return to her home country Indonesia after completing her music studies. Pit Schwaar, who had previously worked as a composer and guitarist in the prog and hard rock genres with bands such as Eloy, Ramses and Zed Yago, had said goodbye to the tough touring business and focused on softer and jazzy guitar tones. The two artists got along so well right away that they founded the duo "Cream Flow". Today Agnes Hapsari has made Hanover her adopted home and "Cream Flow" has been touring successfully since 2015. In the course of the collaboration, numerous original compositions were created, which are now being released on their debut album "Smooth vibes". The result is a groovy, sophisticated pop album, whose titles playfully use different music genres to create soulful, "gentle vibrations". In their texts, the duo addresses topics such as deep interpersonal relationships and understanding togetherness. The preference of the two artists for the music of the 80s and early 90s is unmistakable. Staying in this tradition, there are no digital traces to be found on "Smooth vibes". All titles were sung and played with virtuosity and attention to detail in "manual work". The duo used the Covid 19 lockdown to put the finishing touches to the production and to expand their online presence. "We didn't get discouraged, we still see the world in bright colors, that's who we are and that's how our music sounds."

01 You've Got A Friend
02 Hooked On You
03 Loving You This Way
04 People's Song
05 Summer time
06 Cream Flow
07 Morning Rain
08 Next chance
09 Where I Belong
10 One Of These Nights
11 Georgia On My Mind