Daalschlag - Kickstart (CD) (5871827746969)

Daalschlag - Kickstart (CD)


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Since it was founded in 2011, four guys from Schwanewede (near Bremen) have not only caused a sensation in the north German motorcycle scene. With their self-titled »Moped-Metal« style mix of German and biker rock, the Daalschlag quartet is already a household name throughout Germany and regularly ensures the best atmosphere on and in front of the stages in this republic.
With "Kickstart" the second long player sees the light of day and once again answers the question: bikes, metal and humor - do they go together? A resounding yes! Because it is precisely this trinity that the North Germans have made the mainstay of their sound. The songs dash forward in a pig rock style, sometimes in a metallic way and of course one or the other little ballad shouldn't be missing. The songs are garnished with funny and (self-)ironic lyrics, which seamlessly reflect the passions of the quartet, whose members previously rallied their spurs with acts like Unrest, Northern Tales and FrontEars... and that's what bikes are all about , women and cool drinks.

01 Fehmarn Sound
02 Whiskey Cola
03 Real Bremen people
04 moped girl
05 Kickstarters
06 Jack
07 Kale
08 Live your life
09 burnout
10 love song
11 Road Eagle
12 free riders