Daniel Green, Nina Dobrot - Und das ist eben das Leben...! (CD) (5871821095065)

Daniel Green, Nina Dobrot - And that's life...! (CD)


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We are born, stay in this world for a while and leave it again. Every life is so individual - a treasure trove of events and experiences. In the polyphonic folk songs on his new album "Vanish like a cloud in sunlight", Daniel Green and his band combine notes of hope and experiences of grief, creating moments to empathize, to find oneself again and to regain courage. Author Nina Dobrot reads her short story " A real family”, which is about life with its many facets of saying goodbye.
The result is a moving evening in which texts and sounds give each other space, swing back and forth and tell of life, existence, loving and letting go...
Nina Dobrot, born in 1976, lives with her family in Hamburg as an author, cultural manager and literature organizer. She is part of the reading stage "BEI HILDE - bread and stories", concept developer of various events and reading series (word picnic in the park, Literakula, word picknick - the reading festival in the countryside, reading stage "BEI HILDE - bread and stories", cultural shower, GutsKultur). She also develops and implements concepts for musical readings together with musicians.
The Daniel Green Band sings the first chord - the guitar joins in, reminiscent of Cat Stevens with its warm melancholy and after a few bars the song begins to take off. The musicians stand in a circle around a microphone, which is their mouthpiece to the world. Melodies, strangely new and yet familiar. Folk songs that create a connection between heaven and earth, between yesterday and tomorrow, performed by musicians who shine through the togetherness and enjoy the community. They sing polyphonic ballads, singer-songwriter and bluegrass songs about youth and old age, about laughing and crying, beginning and end. Sometimes the songs almost sound like folky gospels or are reminiscent of songwriting by James Taylor.

01 Tambourines
02 Magic Dreamers
03 A Real Family Part 1
04 True Safe Haven
05 A Real Family Part 2
06 Autumn
07 A Real Family Part 3
08 Payback
09 Bubble Of Time