Daniel Lippert - City In The Clouds (CD) (5906745786521)

Daniel Lippert - City In The Clouds (CD)


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Daniel Lippert is a Switzerland-based German musician, composer, producer, and arranger. His music encompasses several styles such as new age, soundtrack, pop and rock. Characteristic of his works is a dynamic song structure with one or more crescendos, accompanied by a concise melody.
In 2012 Daniel started working on his first solo album City In The Clouds, which was released in Switzerland in September 2013.
The purely instrumental concept album impresses with a sophisticated sound experience that is well embedded in the musically described fantasy world, which is rounded off by very detailed and beautiful drawings in an enclosed art book.
"City In The Clouds" is available on CD as well as in a limited special edition on blue-mottled vinyl. The vinyl version includes the full 12" artbook and a download code for the entire album.

01 Seamist
02 Afternoon at the store
03 Calm summer breeze
04 Flight into the night sky
05 City in the clouds
06 Playground meadows
07 Fire under water
08 Ultramarine Passage
09 Chambers of stone
10 secrets of the forest
11 The Cave of Eternal Winter
12 Gazing at the stars