Das Abendland Projekt - Basta & Amen (CD)

The Occident Project - Basta & Amen (CD)


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Work on the new album began in 2018. Meanwhile, in 2021, "Das Abendland Projekt" is releasing their 3rd album "Basta & Amen". Both the music and the lyrics represent a picture of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. A period of great unrest in Europe. “Being on the road” offered itself as a common thread, roaming through landscapes and historical events and experiencing people who are (or should be) known to us from history stretches from France through Scotland, Norway, through Russia, Prussia, the Duchy of Weimar to Austria, Tyrol and Italy, before finally ending at the German Baltic Sea beach. Well, for those who like big theater or music that mixes neoclassical and electronic; who love the paintings of Kasper David Friedrich; Feel sympathy for Andreas Hofer or search in vain for what happened in the Vendee at the time of the French Revolution in school books. May many smile or be carried away enthusiastically into a bygone era. Thoughtfully listening to the grandiose voices, the speaker. Among other things:

Björn Schalla: the German dubbing voice, including Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy and Travis Fimmel in the role of Ragnar Lodbrok in Vikings.
Frank Glaubrecht: among others the German festival voice among others by Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Costner, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken
Engelbert von Nordhausen: among others German dubbing voice in the cinema among others by: Samuel L. Jackson, Gene Hackman, Danny Glover,
Bernd Vollbrecht, including the German dubbing voice of: Antonio Banderas, Robert Knepper, Viggo Mortensen, Ted McGinley, Jason Flemyng, Christopher Eccleston and more
Jan Spitzer, including the German cinema/series/film voice of: Chris Cooper, Sam Elliott, Ted Levine, Joaquim de Almeida, Alan Arkin, Brad Garrett
Aima Lichtblau: singer/composer/poet/graphic designer.

Either way, we wish the audience that they find themselves touched by the music, the words and the voices on a long journey.

The Occident Project/The Producers:
Andre Lamijon: Jens Semrau:
Text poetry/ dialogue/recording direction/editing composer/music/mix/editing

01 The letter
02 Vendée
03 Lovers of Time
04 Passage
05 whalers
06 Basta & Amen
07 Letter from a friend
08 Hammerfest
09 Aurora and comet rain
10 monuments
11 Wanderers above the Sea of ​​Fog
12 On the wings of immortality
13 Mayoshka
14 stagecoach ride
15 seen in the rain
16 German dances
17 traveling circus
18 theaters in Weimar
19 The Lion (Vienna 1808)
20 I am the storm
21 Tyrol's eagle
22 Under the roofs of Verona
23 The Lions of Venice
24 The Pillars of Heracles
25 Super Immortalitatis Alas