Das Abendland Projekt - Sturmwinds brennende Flügel (CD) (5948066005145)

The Occident Project - Stormwind's Burning Wings (CD)


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With Stormwind's Flaming Wings, this time we intentionally went beyond the grand history of the world, because every human being has their own distinctive story. So we took on the topic that runs through history forever and timelessly like a red thread on which everything seems to hang: love, which in some way plays the dominant role in everyone's life.
As in the previous work (“Mit Krone, Kreuz und Geistkraft”), we have secured top-class support from the German dubbing scene. With Udo Schenk, Jan Spitzer, Tobias Kluckert, Maja Maneiro and Bernd Vollbrecht, five great speakers, known from countless cinema and television films, can be heard. It was our privilege to work with them.
So we invite the audience to a festival of the senses. May the music, the voices and the words create images before your eyes that allow you to immerse yourself in the mystery of love as it always was, is and will be: "...love - a riddle that no human understands.”

1. Stormwind's Flaming Wings
2. Poet Crystal
3. Mind kiss
4. Everything starts with one
5. The kiss
6. Breath of Destiny
7. Elizabeth
8. Call of the Wild
9. Nothing new in the west
10. Kingdom of Heaven
11. Darker the night, brighter the light
12. Mon Dieu
13. Dust in the light