das_Oval - Déjà-vu (CD) (5871686746265)

das_Oval - Déjà-vu (CD)


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The debut album by das_Oval: a mystical, intimate concept album with thirteen powerful, evocative song compositions in German.
In hypnotic, dark-atmospheric songs full of passion, longing, eroticism and magic, das_Oval on DÉJÀ-VU lets sensual songs, whispered poems, cultic invocations, philosophical lectures, harrowing reports, enchanted vows of love and seductive odes ring out, while subliminally creating a pull of haunting music and beguiling language arise.

01 Two cities
02 Frankfurt am Main
03 The call of the mermaid
04 suction (only for you)
05 Graveyard of Emotions
06 Without us
07 devil
08 Spin with me
09 All that is behind
10 Our house
11 desire
12 The Song of Songs
13 It's you I need