Dave Peabody & Regina Mudrich - Some Of These Days (CD) (5871786655897)

Dave Peabody & Regina Mudrich - Some Of These Days (CD)


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This CD shows the wide range of music Dave Peabody and Regina Mudrich can come up with as an accomplished duo. Pearls like "Cold Iron Bed" have almost fallen into oblivion. Without Jug, but with a lot of innovation, the duo replaces the Jug with the help of Tim Penn on the piano - various seat cushions positioned in the grand piano have to serve. The result is old blues in a new guise—atmospheric and smart.
John Lee Hooker only played a few recordings with piano, but none with violin. The duo doesn't mind at all. Also with "Careless Love" you can feel that Peabody and Mudrich care little about role models, are not willing to copy, but rather appreciate the old recordings without replaying them. They give the songs a new breath. So this old blues has probably become the most heartfelt, most intimate piece on the CD.
Whether it's classics like "After You've Gone" or musical oddities like the instrumental piece by the Mississippi Sheiks "Thats It!", probably the fastest recording of "Everybody Loves My Baby", the "Some Of These Days" seasoned with a lot of gypsy character, the almost sparse "Delta Bound", which thus acquires an enormous fragility, or the three songs penned by Peabody "Picture The Blues", "Standing On The Highway" and "Please Don't Tell Me You Love Me" - this album is comparable to a field bouquet - wild, colorful and full of life.

1. She Caught The Train
2. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
3. Everybody Loves My Baby
4.Picture The Blues
5. Delta Bound
6. Little Wheel
7. Please Don't Tell Me You Love Me
8. Standing On The Highway
9. The Jazz Fiddler