David Hope - Tough Love (CD) (5871756476569)

David Hope - Tough Love (CD)


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At almost two meters tall, David Hope is an imposing figure and the prime example of a folk bard – an itinerant singer and wandering storyteller. A lonely traveler, Hope has traveled the high and low roads of his homeland and continental Europe, armed with his trusty acoustic guitar, charming Irish wit, seductive stories and thought-provoking heartfelt songs.
Paraphrasing his style proves to be a challenge, because he uses elements of Americana, his native Irish folk and the blues, but remains true to the tradition of classic singer/songwriting and knows how to bring it into pop/rock with modern arrangements move corner. This makes the songs catchier, but they don't lose any of their originality and fascination - even if you listen to the album for the umpteenth time, you always discover something new!
Numerous live shows show the growing popularity of the bard with the incomparable voice. Graham Candy has also invited David as an opening act for his tour in the Czech Republic; other big names in the industry soon to follow in Germany.

01 Open Door
02 The Best Thing
03 Turning Page
04 Tough Love
05 Christmas Day
06 flares
07 What's To Become
08 Steal Away
09 The Blackness
10 Watch Over You