David Lübke - Von Der Liebe (CD) (5871820963993)

David Lübke - Of Love (CD)


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David Lübke wears his heart on his sleeve. A young, charismatic singer is on the road with German songs, an old guitar and a 5-string banjo.
He will be accompanied by the Munich violinist Max Eisinger and the Berlin cellist Moritz Brümmer. On small and large stages, this trio achieves something special: music that combines the fine art of German singer-songwriter tradition, the joie de vivre of Irish folk and the virtuosity of American bluegrass. Her current album "Von Der Liebe" is an ode to freedom and at the same time a testament to imaginative poetry and musical craftsmanship.
"David Lübke is a refreshing troubadour who reminds us of the most elementary in ourselves in the midst of a consumer-driven and crisis-ridden world: our dreams, our visions, our freedom and independence." - Biber Herrmann
“David's music arouses curiosity and longing for good days, for a new heyday that wants to come to our country. The young singer-songwriter paints the world as if through children's eyes... My discovery 2020." - Sarah Brendel

01 Maybe there is a man
02 Luckily only Osnabrück
03 If I only knew what tomorrow would bring
04 apple tree
05 Around the world
06 How far to the horizon
07 Do you remember
08 From love
09 What you see in me
10 Go!
11 Farewell you little town